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LJ Microcrystalline inorganic thermal insulation mortar

Product Introduction
This product is a specially processed high-strength light-weight microcrystalline inorganic material, high-grade cement and a variety of additives which are scientifically prepared. It has the characteristics of high compressive strength, good crack resistance, strong adhesive force, good thermal insulation performance, non-toxicity, tasteless, pollution-free, easy construction, etc.

Applicate at building exterior wall insulation

On the premise of ensuring to meet the requirements of energy saving and heat preservation, the strength can meet the standard requirements of exterior decoration. There is no need for another protective layer or waterproof layer, which is constructed like ordinary cement mortar. It can be directly drilled and painted on the insulating layer.

Applicate at building interior wall insulation

On the premise of ensuring to meet the requirements of energy conservation and heat preservation, the strength can reach the standard of interior decoration, and can be directly decorated on the heat preservation mortar; the fire protection grade can completely meet the requirements of fire protection and fire prevention. Moreover, the construction is simple and convenient, which is the same as the traditional ordinary mortar construction technology.

General provisions

The construction scope and thickness of thermal insulation of microcrystalline inorganic thermal insulation mortar external wall (inner wall) shall meet the design requirements.
The construction unit shall carry out the construction according to the product description of the facrory
The construction unit should make a sample before carrying out large-scale construction.


Material preparation: when the required materials enter the site, they shall be registered and inspected in accordance with relevant regulations, and shall be properly stored and managed.

Water and electricity preparation: distribute the power supply and water source according to the construction demand, and the water quality should conform to water standard for concrete mixingJGJ63.

Tool preparation: before construction, the tools should be prepared in place, and the completeness of the tools and the debugging of the equipment should be carried out.
Staff  training: the point is on products, technology, construction steps, precautions, safety measures and civilized construction.

Construction conditions: all embedded parts of the wall must be installed before this construction.
Protection of finished products: protect all embedded parts and management on the construction site to avoid damage or damage during construction.
Check and accept the base before construction, the base should be cleaned up, its surface flatness, verticality should meet the corresponding specification requirements.

When the microcrystalline inorganic thermal insulation mortar is used in the renovation project of the building, the base must be solid, and the powder of the original decoration surface should be cleaned.


Spray water and maintain it for more than seven days after painting to prevent the paste from reducing its strength and surface cracking.